Trello Flowdock integration

As of today, you can get notifications of activity in your Trello boards into your Flowdock flows. This has been a highly requested feature for us for some time, and now that Trello has implemented web hooks, we are amongst the first to use them in creating a Trello to Flowdock integration.

Setting up the integration is infinitely easy, and you can set the whole thing up from Flowdock’s team inbox sources settings:

Trello integration setup screen

  1. Go to the Flowdock flow in which you want the notifications and open up Inbox Sources settings by clicking on the cog wheel on the team inbox toolbar.

  2. Hover over the Trello boards section and click “Add new”.

  3. Click “Connect Trello” and a pop-up window will open. Click on “Allow” in the Trello access dialog. We will only use the access to set the correct web hook into your Trello account so Trello can send out the notifications to Flowdock.

  4. Choose the board(s) you want to get notifications from for this flow and click “Add Boards”.

Ta-da! You’re all done and and you’ll be receiving notifications in no time. To stop receiving notifications from a board, simply delete them from the list in Flowdock’s inbox sources settings.

Right now, the integration with Trello is a bit chatty, but we’re figuring out ways to manage that. In the meantime, this should get all you Trelloers going! Your feedback is very welcome.