In Euruko 2008 Matz was participating in a panel discussion about Ruby/Win32 support. That’s where we heard one of the best Matz quotes: “I don’t use Windows, so I don’t care”

We already had this picture on our scrum board to remind us about the driving forces of Ruby programming language, but today it hit my face again: it’s not guaranteed that all Ruby 1.8.6 installations are compatible with other Ruby 1.8.6 installations.

The first release of 1.8.6 is quite old now, but there’re already 114 patches silently added to the release. None of these made it to the news section of

This was concretized today when I was deploying to a new server: the REXML library (which is a part of standard Ruby library) didn’t have REXML::Formatters available. The whole REXML library had gone through some major refactoring between different 1.8.6 patch releases. Well, “I don’t use XML, so I don’t care”.

By the way, JRuby 1.1.2 was released a couple of days ago. Go grab it. They even seem to have some kind of a release process. :)