Push API button

The Flowdock Push API is for posting chat or team inbox messages into a specific flow without user authentication. It uses the flow’s API token for authentication, making it a quick and easy way to get started using our APIs. If you need more than just anonymous posting capabilities, use the REST API.

Flowdock API Gem

The Flowdock API gem now supports posting chat messages and handles JSON responses from the API. The major update in the APIs required us to do some refactoring for the gem. However, it still works the same way as before and deprecated features are documented in the README.

Here’s an example of posting a chat message with the gem:

# use the flow's API token and set your nick for Chat posting
flow = Flowdock::Flow.new(:api_token => "deadbeefdeadbeef", :external_user_name => "Accounting")

# send message to Chat
flow.push_to_chat(:content => "@everyone This is an automatic reminder to fill in your hours for this month!", :tags => ["hours", "accounting"])

API Responses

Besides adding Chat posting to the Push API, we also decided to unify the responses of our APIs. Now the responses are always in JSON format and follow a simple pattern so that you know what to expect as a response in error situations. See General Information for details about the format.

What’s next?

Releasing the new API was just a start. In addition to improving our skills in nano-brewing, we are planning and implementing new features to the APIs. In the Push API you can expect to see support for message attachments very soon.