A quick update. Along with elegant git branching, we’ve been busy taking Flowdock forward.

To show you a bit about our processes, we have been recording our daily scrum stand-ups and now compiled it all to a single time-lapsed video.

As you can see in the video, in start of each sprint we have our stories, represented as white A5s and tasks as Post-its on the left side of the whiteboard. Stories are prioritized from top to down, top being the most important.

When a task—for example, “make a time-lapse video”—is put on the board, it’s moved from left to right according to the approximate amount of work done, measured in Zörgöns. On the most right is the “done” column, where tasks regarded as complete are moved.

Video holds about 4,5 sprints (10 weeks) of daily Scrums in 30 seconds. Check it out below.

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